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We welcome you to SOSW!

    Unlock your potential in the high-tech world with our training program for developers. The course covers both the fundamentals and the latest trends in web development and modern cloud solutions.

    At SOSW, we offer courses for junior and middle programmers, aspiring to significantly grow their seniority and raise their market value.

    The program is backed by over 20 years of experience in high-load web development, data processing, and data analysis, as well as graduating students from multiple internship programs during the last several years.

    The course will enable you to gain invaluable knowledge, build a compelling GitHub portfolio by applying your new skills in real projects, and potentially secure employment opportunities with SOSW and its partners.

How are we different?

Working with real projects

Fulfilling tasks on interesting projects of our partners, existing clients and your potential employers.

Individual approach and mentoring

Classes, organized in small groups of approximately 6 students, guarantee personalized attention from mentors.

Employment assistance

Full path from creating a GitHub portfolio, CV and Linked In profile, to support in finding jobs.

Author and mentor

Welcome to the future of tech with Nikolay Grishchenko, your guide in the realm of serverless computing and cloud solutions on AWS. With a decade of experience as a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and mentor to over 30 successful IT professionals, Nikolay has crafted the SOSW project to empower today's programmers.


In this consultation, we'll delve into your experience, explore our programs, and answer any questions you have, providing a comprehensive overview tailored to your career aspirations.

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