Our mission - significantly boost your market value as a developer in Israel

    SOSW is not just training - it's the journey to transforming your career! Mastering Cloud Solutions and AWS equips developers with a valuable asset, cultivating innovative problem-solving and providing a professional advantage. Our course presents a unique chance to acquire skills and experience that are in high demand in today's market.


What You'll Achieve


OpenSource Contributions
The attractiveness of your GitHub profile will increase

Practical experience

As a result of the course, you will be able to indicate work with existing projects

Updated CV

We will help you create a resume so that you are more competitive in the labor market

Powerful Community

A team of like-minded people, colleagues and friends

Preparation for AWS certification

The knowledge you gain during the course will allow you to pass the AWS certification

Be trendy

Cloud technologies are used in the largest IT organizations



In this consultation, we'll delve into your experience, explore our programs, and answer any questions you have, providing a comprehensive overview tailored to your career aspirations.

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